Doobious Sources

Doobious Sources

Friends in Weed are Friends Indeed

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Dood’s Night

Looking for the perfect party movie? Gather your buds and take a ride with two weed loving freelance video journalists targeted for revenge in this fresh stoner comedy. Download[…]

And the Winner Is…

Doobious Sources, the party movie for your movie party delivers the party once again. Congrats to Tyre Brown, our first BloomBox Giveaway Contest winner. Sign up for our next[…]

BloomBox Giveaway

The Reg and Zorn announce the winner of their BC Northern Lights BloomBox giveaway LIVE on Facebook. Hand jobs are offered, and a BloomBox is sexually molested. Also, weed[…]

Fish Tank

Bong tokes are to fish tanks what the fresh stoner comedy “Doobious Sources” is to a good time. Download the movie now on iTunes at!


Director Clif Lord discusses the inspiration for one of the most jaw-dropping scenes in Doobious Sources. While the movie looks like it was shot by the two lead actors,[…]


The Denver Film Society hosted the first public screening of Doobious Sources as their official selection for 420 Week. Afterwards, we asked the audience what they thought. Thanks, Denver![…]

Lava Lamp

Facebook doesn’t want you smoking weed. Or, at least they don’t want us advertising to weed smokers. That’s kind of the same thing, right? It seems like Doobious Sources[…]

Maine Marijuana Legalization – Question 1

Legalizing weed in Maine could make a lot of sense… sinsemilla that is. Unless you think about the harm caused by all that cheap weed. The Reg and Zorn[…]